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The term "trust" refers to the legal relationship in which the settlor transfers or disposes of a right of property and causes the trustee to administer or dispose of the trust property according to the stated purposes of the trust for the benefit of a beneficiary or for a specified purpose.

Fubon Securities’ Trust Service

Fubon Securities offers “Non-discretionary individually managed money trust” and “semi-discretionary individual managed securities trust”. In a Non-discretionary individually managed money trust, the trustee (Fubon Securities), in performing the trust agreement with the settlor (customer), utilizes the entrusted asset to invest in domestic and foreign financial products to fulfill the purpose of asset protection and appreciation.

Five Advantages of our Trust Service

  • Wealth management tailored to customer demand
  • Diversified products, offering one-stop service
  • High confidentiality and independence
  • Tax planning to achieve mitigation
  • Asset revitalization and appreciation for inheritance
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