FUBON.COM Privacy Protection Policy

Fubon.com website (referred to as this “website group”) is jointly formed by the company websites of Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd., Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., Fubon Insurance Co., Ltd., Fubon Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Fubon Securities Co., Ltd., Fubon Asset Management Co., Ltd., Fubon Securities Investment Services Co., Ltd., Fubon Direct Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd., Fubon Insurance Agency Co., Ltd., Fu Sheng Insurance Agency Co., Ltd., Fubon Futures Co., Ltd. and new domestic subsidiaries disclosed and announced on this website according to the laws due to future organizational changes (referred to as “Fubon Financial Holding and Subsidiaries”).

  1. Collection of Personal Data

    This website group may collect user’s relevant basic information, including the name, identification number, address, telephone and e-mail box and other relevant necessary information via the customer service center, electronic newsletter center, product consultation service, network activities and other online survey or online application services. This website group may also retain relevant records (including but not limited to the IP address of connection equipment used by customers, browser used, time of use, browsing and data selection records etc.) generated by the server automatically during the browsing or inquiries of this website group performed by customers.

  2. Information Collected by This Website Group Automatically

    When a user is browsing or inquiring and using this website group, the information that may be automatically recorded by this website group includes: user’s operating system, internet network communication protocol (IP) address, information of use equipment, time of use, browser type and language and selection data record etc., and websites browsed by users prior to the browsing of the website of the Company.
    This website group may use Web Beacon, Cookies, Local Shared Object (LSO) and similar methods (defined as follows) to record the information. If a user disagrees with the Cookies used by this website group, unless user disables the Cookies according to the method described in the following in advance, please do not use the service of this website group. This website group may link any information automatically collected to the personal data.

    • Web Beacon

      Web Beacon refers to the electronic image used by this website group on websites or e-mails, and its purpose is to transmit Cookies, to calculate number of times of browsing and to understand the condition of use and event outcome.

    • Cookies

      Cookies refer to small data file stored on hard drives of users. This website group uses Cookies to assist the improvement of the user experience of the website. Typically, through the setting of a browser, Cookies transmitted by websites can be removed and rejected.

    • Local Shared Object (referred to as “Flash Cookies”)

      This website group uses the Local Shared Object (also known as “Flash Cookies”) to store the preference setting of users or display personalized content or display advertisement according to the content viewed by users on this website group during the browsing of the website. The difference between Flash Cookies and other Cookies relies in the quantity, type and method of the data storage.

  3. Use Policy for Aforementioned Data Collected by This Website Group

    The personal data collected by this website group is used according to the specific purposes described during the collection thereof. The personal data associated with the online application service is transmitted to relevant units responsible for such service in order to facilitate the contact with users. For various online events, the personal data is used in inquiry replies and notices of lottery results as well as commercial and market analysis etc. depending upon the purpose of collection. For the information on the purpose of use, subject of use and time of the personal data, please refer to the event web content, and this website group does not use such information for purposes other than the specific purposes of information collection.

  4. Use and Policy for Cookies and Other Similar Techniques

    For the purposes of providing optimal and personalized services, facilitating customers’ participation in personalized interactive events and to understand and manage the condition of use (including but not limited to analysis of number of visitors, website traffic, user distribution, product/service notability, activity behaviors and mode of use) of this website group, improving the service quality of this website group, providing customized marketing information or advertisement matching with customer demands or interests and hobbies as well as tracking the outcomes thereof and similar purposes, this website group records, assesses and collects your online behavior data automatically or through cooperating partners with the use of Cookies, Beacons (Web Beacon, Beacon API etc., same for below) or other similar technical tools (collectively referred to as the “marking tools”).
    Through the acceptance setting of browsers, programs or devices installed, the marking tool can be blocked, deleted or stopped. For example, in the setting of a browser, the level of acceptance of Cookies can be selected (please refer to the following instructions on the setting method), including the three types of options of Accept All Cookies, Notice Upon Receiving Cookies, Reject All Cookies. However, if user chooses to reject all marking tools, then he or she may not be able to use parts of the personalized services or to participate in parts of the events.
    The online behavior data includes information (including but not limited to IP address, Cookie ID and its content, unique identifier, domain name, device information, time of use, browser type, language setting, geographical location, operating system, server record, website search/browsing/selection record and mode of use and information or tags generated from the analysis and sorting of the aforementioned data acquired by cooperating partners under their names) of network behaviors generated from the visiting of this website, other websites and social media platforms (regardless whether they are linked to this website).
    The aforementioned online behavior data is provided to Fubon Financial Holding and Subsidiaries, third parties or cooperating partners entrusted to handle data based on the operational needs of the aforementioned purposes during the duration of the aforementioned purposes. Automated or non-automated method is adopted domestically or internationally to perform collection, processing, cross-border transmission and use. However, before the consents of customers are obtained, the collection, processing, cross-border transmission and use of non-identifiable personal data are only performed in domestic of foreign areas where such entities are located.
    Attention: When a user is visiting or browsing and using other websites or social platforms, if such other websites perform data collection, it shall be governed by their respective privacy protection policies of such other websites, and Fubon Financial Holding and Subsidiaries shall not be responsible for any behaviors of other websites.
    To change the Cookie setting, please refer to the official instructions provided by each browser developer.
    The functions of the Company website are designed to have the most optimal running status when Cookies is enabled. However, if a user wishes to disable Cookies, he or she may use the browser setting to control the Cookies.

    • Google Chrome
    • Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Apple Safari
  5. Policy for Sharing of Personal Data with Third Party by This Website Group

    This website group does not arbitrarily sell, exchange, lease or other disguised methods to disclose the personal data of users to other groups or individuals. Nevertheless, under the following three conditions, this website group may share your personal data with a third party:

    • Where a user’s prior consent or authorized permission is obtained.
    • Where there is a request made by a judicial unit or other competent authorities through legitimate and official procedures.
    • Where for the purpose of providing other services or discount benefits to a user, there is a need to share user information with a third party providing such services and discount benefits. This website group also provides sufficient explanation and information during the event, and a user may freely choose to whether accept such services or discount benefits.
  6. Policy for Transmitting Commercial Information or E-mail of This Website Group

    For the discount benefit information content transmitted by this website group, we provide sufficient explanation during the event, and a user can choose whether to accept such specific service or event on his or her own discretion. If a user chooses to accept this service, this website group guarantees to not transmit any information registered by a user on this website to any third party. This website group transmits commercial information or e-mails to a user only when a user’s consent is obtained in advance or through registration. This website group indicates that the information or e-mails are transmitted from us, and also provides methods, instructions or functional links on such information or e-mails to allow the user to stop receiving such information or e-mails at any time.

  7. Revision of Website Privacy Policy

    This website group may revise the privacy protection policy provided on this website group at any time depending upon the needs in order to implement protection of a user's privacy thoroughly. When this privacy protection policy is revised, a visible marking will be provided to inform the user. Users are recommended to further understand our new privacy policy and its changes during their next visit of our website.

  8. For any questions on this privacy protection policy or to inquire relevant matters on the use of personal data by this website group, users are welcome to contact us via the "Service Center" of this website group.