Company Overview

Fubon Securities, founded in 1988, is an integrated securities firm that covers brokerage, underwriting, proprietary trading, and wealth management businesses with a total capital of NT$16.259bn. Fubon Securities is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fubon Financial Holdings, and its domestic subsidiaries include Fubon Futures, Fubon Securities Investment Services, Fubon Securities Venture Capital, and Fubon Mintou Venture Capital. Overseas subsidiaries include Fubon Investment Holding (BVI) and Fubon Securities (Hong Kong). On April 9, 2023, Fubon Securities officially merged with Jih Sun Securities, and all its businesses have posted significant growth and achieved integration synergies.

Fubon Securities, based on “customer needs”, integrates the resources of financial group and investment research, as well as combines customer segmentation services and sales support integration models, and uses Online with Offline streaming advantages to rapidly respond to different customer groups’ financial needs. Fubon Securities creates differentiated competitive advantages and strives to become the best wealth management partner for customers. Its subsidiaries, Fubon Securities Investment Services and Fubon Futures, also actively strengthen their membership management and advisory services, as well as provide professional, comprehensive, and valuable wealth management services to customers.

To achieve sustainable investment, Fubon Securities was the first in the industry to launch an “ESG zone” across products in 2023, introducing ESG ratings for four major investment product lines, i.e. Taiwan stocks, US stocks, overseas bonds, and funds. Combined with the dollar cost averaging business, Fubon Securities works with investors to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome for “investment” and “sustainability”. In 2023, Fubon Securities established the “Sustainable Development Committee” to strengthen its responsible investment strategies through specific actions, leading and guiding companies in executing ESG management.

Fubon Securities, with the core brand value of “Be positive, Create value”, aims to provide professional and warm financial services to customers with a positive spirit, and is committed to creating new value in wealth management for every customer. In recent years, Fubon Securities has focused on four major ESG strategies: “Decarbonization, Digitalization, Empowerment, and Connection”. Through goal-setting and tracking quantitative performance indicators, Fubon Securities has demonstrated its commitment to achieving sustainability.