Company Overview

Fubon Securities is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fubon Financial Holdings with a total capital of NT$10.6 billion and 34 branches. Subsidiaries of Fubon Securities include Fubon Futures, Fubon Securities Investment Services, Fubon Securities Venture Capital, and Fubon Mintou Venture Capital. Overseas subsidiaries include Fubon Investment Holding (BVI) and Fubon Securities (Hong Kong).

Amid the raging COVID-19 pandemic worldwide in 2020, Fubon Securities continues to attain excellence. With comprehensive financial management services consisting of a variety of products, it remains among the top three in brokerage, securities lending, lending and borrowing, and other markets. Non-purpose loans, funds, offshore bonds, and offshore stocks have also seen continuous growth. In addition, the underwriting sector has sustained staggering growth as our emerging stock trading volume and SPO market share rank second in the market. The market share of New Taiwan dollar bonds underwriting has soared to 8.8%.

Such glorious success contributed to a net income of 4.204 billion and 44.87% in annual growth, marking a record high in 33 years since its establishment. Fubon Securities has received acknowledgment from many awards including “Best Wealth Management” in《Wealth Magazine》Wealth Management Award and “Best Brokerage Image” in Taiwan Financial Award and was awarded “Taiwan’s Best Brokerage” in three consecutive years by 《The Asset》.

Following the launch of continuous trading and intraday odd lot trading, Fubon Securities has enhanced our information system to include a digital transaction platform, optimized online account opening services, and other accessible functions. In Fintech development, we have outshined our competitors with 11 invention patents, which also contributed to a surge in digital transaction ratio to 72.5% and a dramatic growth in the number of accounts opened online by 122%. Meanwhile, our achievement was recognized by the “FinTech Innovation Award – Best FinTech Securities Golden Award” by the Taiwan Financial Award.

On the other hand, cloud technologies have not only enhanced product penetration but also lowered the investment threshold of certain products, providing all demographics access to financial management services. In response to demands for financial management among the new generation and pension issues debated in recent years, Fubon Securities continues to suggest offshore investment bonds with monthly retirement plan dividends. Whereas, dollar-cost averaging investment plans like ETN and ETF of low investment thresholds are promoted targeting small investors. With the help of big data, we are able to cater to the needs of different customer demographics by offering precise financial management services and achieve inclusive finance. Among all of our products, “Fubon Big Apple Total Return Index ETN” won the “Best Structured Investment and Financing Solutions” in equity awarded by《The Asset》.

Among subsidiaries, Fubon Futures has sustained outstanding performances throughout its various operations. It won second place in the “Futures Broker Trade Volume Diamond Award” of the sixth TAIFEX Futures Trading Diamond Award. It is also a six-time winner of the “Futures Brokerage Diamond Award”. As the “center of integrated research resources”, Fubon Futures offers macroeconomic and industry research, investment strategies, and consulting services on trends in financial products. While the financial holding group seeks integration in Greater China, Fubon Securities Investment Services is an indispensable asset to the group.

In 2021, Fubon Securities aspires to integrate Fintech applications with its operational experiences accumulated over the years. With a commitment to positive energy, we will continue to enhance the execution of various operations, utilize integrated resources of the financial holding group, and revitalize customer asset allocation by providing investors with heartwarming and high-quality financial services.

Fubon Securities’ Commitments

Integrity is the foundation of corporate management.
Sincerity is the attitude toward a customer-first mindset.
Professionalism is the basis of customer service.
Innovation is key to sustaining competitive advantages.

Fubon Securities’ Important Milestones and Services in 2020

March – In response to the launch of the continuous trading system, Fubon Securities advanced with comprehensive promotion on continuous trading and established a simulation platform to help investors adapt to the new system of continuous trading beforehand. In the same month, we won first place in the continuous trading order matching competition of TWSE among all securities companies.

August – Fubon Securities (Hong Kong) completed the launch of Hong Kong stocks and Algo trading system, established a margin trading platform in October, and activated the system for bond proprietary trading development. Margin trading services were officially available in November.

September – In response to the stock market boom, Fubon Securities offers online stock management functions, including advance receipts, advance stock receipts and stock transfer operations. Committed to long-term research and development of digital financial technologies, the 11th invention patent was obtained, and Fubon Securities has the most number of patents among domestic securities companies.

October – In compliance with the new policy of intraday odd lot trading, we upgraded our software and equipment with an investment of millions of dollars on system and interface adjustment. By offering investors intraday odd lot trading services, we expand investor participation in the market with more options.

December – In an effort to create a new lifestyle under pandemic control, we proactively promoted the 24-hour online account opening service. The number of clients who opened accounts online in 2020 grew by 122% from 2019. Through expanding the capacity of intelligent service and advancing service quality, the number of times users access our services has reached 360 thousand.