Financial Products and Services

The Company has always been dedicated to the development of new financial products and services. With the professional team in charge of financial derivatives and trading systems, the Company is equipped with professional capacities in financial derivatives trading, product development, valuation, market making, and hedging. Covering warrants issuance, exchange traded note issuance, and OTC derivatives products in our primary business, Fubon Securities has secured a prominent position in the derivatives market.

The warrants issuance market is highly competitive. In order to sustain stable and consistent market-making quality and solidify Fubon Securities’ presence in the market, the Company invests considerably in manpower and system resources in warrants issuance. Also in response to the fast-changing financial market, the Company develops a variety of market-making and hedging strategies. In addition, we are constantly improving the functions and efficiency of our systems in response to the new continuous trading system and other major trading mechanism changes. The Company also analyzes popular underlying assets on the market to launch highly desirable and comprehensive warrant investment products. Meanwhile, we issue warrants on ETFs issued by Fubon Asset Management to achieve synergy within Fubon Group.

In the newly approved ETN trading, Fubon Securities seized the opportunity early on and issued two ETNs on April 30, 2019, Fubon Big Apple Total Return Index ETN (020000) and Fubon 20 Equal Weight Total Return Index ETN (020001). We are the first brokerage house in Taiwan to issue an ETN in both OTC and stock exchange markets simultaneously. Moreover, The low issuance price appeals to retail investors.

In OTC derivatives products, our primary business focus on equity, covering structured products, OTC options, and convertible bond asset swap transactions. Products include principal guaranteed and unguaranteed products. We incorporate our resources in convertible bond underwriting to offer convertible bond asset swap services, meeting investor demand for highly leveraged products. The Company also devotes itself to continuous product innovation. In addition to domestic underlying assets, we have launched a variety of foreign securities-linked structured products that meet the needs of all types of investors. The abundance in our product lines enables investors to fulfill their investment needs all at once, which is highly trusted and acclaimed.