ESG Task Force

In a joint effort to promote Fubon’s sustainable goals, Fubon Securities has been involved in the ESG Task Force under the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee of Fubon Financial Holdings since 2015. In July 2020, Fubon Securities established an ESG task force in alignment with the corporate's ESG guidelines. The task force encompasses the Corporate Governance & Ethical Management Team, Responsible Finance Team, Innovative Services Team, Environmental Sustainability Team, Employee Care Team, and Social Commitment Team. Results are evaluated every six months and findings are reported to the board of directors.

Organizational structure of Fubon Securities ESG task force

Fubon Securities ESG Strategies and Implementation Results

1.Exert financial influence to assist customers with active participation in the green capital market

As the global community becomes more proactive about addressing climate change, Fubon Securities are also committed to offering financing services to enterprises that contribute to the reduction of global warming. Meanwhile, our endeavors in low-carbon investment persist. To visualize the implementation status of our strategies for achieving responsible finance, we have also completed an inventory of high carbon emission industries in Taiwan in 2020. Our goal is to gradually increase the percentage of responsible finance throughout our operations.

  • In fulfilling corporate social responsibility, Fubon Securities assists enterprises with the issuance of green bonds or sustainability bonds. Our participation in green bond underwriting in 2020 has reached 27%.
  • Based on our underwriting expertise, Fubon Securities offers financing services to enterprises that contribute to products or services that reduce climate change or environmental risks. The financing amount underwritten for companies contributing to environmental sustainability in 2020 accounts for 11%.