Confidentiality Measures

Fubon Financial Holdings Customer Information Confidentiality Measures

Fubon Financial Holdings and its subsidiaries (the “Fubon Group”) are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of financial products and services based on four core values – integrity, sincerity, professionalism, and innovation – in a secure transaction environment. Committed to customer privacy, the Fubon Group complies with the “Financial Holding Company Act,” the “Personal Information Protection Act,” “Rules Concerning Cross-Selling by Financial Holding Company Subsidiaries,” and other relevant regulations in collecting, processing and using customer information. Control mechanisms have also been put into place to ensure the confidentiality of customer information. The following are confidentiality measures adopted by the Fubon Group:

  1. Collection of Information

    The Fubon Group collects customer information for marketing activities and transactions. It does so with the customer’s consent or based on provisions in contractual agreements signed by the customer, according to existing laws. Public information and data disclosed by regulatory authorities or by authorized third parties is also collected.

  2. Storage and Management of data

    Customer information is securely stored in Fubon Group’s databases and managerial procedures are in place to prevent unauthorized access and maintain data security. Strict internal management guidelines have been established that prohibit people who have not received the proper authorization from accessing or amending customer information.

  3. Security and Protection Measures

    The Fubon Group uses information security technology to transmit and encrypt information, and firewalls are installed to prevent illegal intrusions, preventing customer information from being accessed illegally. Encryption technology is used to store and safeguard passwords and keep them from being stolen.

  4. Classification and Usage of Personal Information

    There are many types of customer information – basic information, account information, credit data, investment data and insurance information. These are described below, but Fubon Group units can add to or delete these categories depending on the specific nature of their business.

    1. (I) Basic information: name, birth date, ID card number, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses
    2. (II) Account information: account numbers or numbers of similar functions, credit card numbers, savings account numbers, and transaction account numbers, as well as information on deposits and loans, other transactions, and the customer’s financial status
    3. (III) Credit data: records of bounced checks, cancellations, and refusals of service and information on business operations
    4. (IV) Investment data: investments in or sales of investment instruments, and the amounts and times of those transactions
    5. (V) Insurance information: type, duration, coverage, and payment methods of insurance policies taken out, and claims status and denial records

    Customer information is exchanged and disclosed among Fubon subsidiaries for joint marketing activities according to applicable laws and regulations and the scope of information customers agreed could be used in applications submitted to a Fubon subsidiary or agreements they signed.

  5. Purpose of Use of Customer Information

    To provide customers with more complete, more diverse and more suitable financial products and services, the Fubon Group discloses, transfers or uses customer information for marketing activities (including cross-selling), for contracted services provided by third parties, or to comply with regulatory agency requests, subject to regulatory or customer approval.

  6. Disclosure of Customer Information

    Fubon subsidiaries may disclose customer information within the Fubon Group, to third-party service providers, or to regulatory agencies, as permitted by law or after obtaining the customer’s consent.

  7. Change or Modification of Customer Information

    Customers may change their personal information by calling customer service, visiting a branch, or sending a written request to a service location of any Fubon subsidiary.

  8. Ways to Withdraw from Cross-Selling Activities

    Customers can notify Fubon subsidiaries in writing, by email or by contacting customer service to request that their information no longer be shared for cross-selling activities. Once a Fubon subsidiary has received such a request, it will stop the exchange of the customer’s information for marketing activities as soon as possible within a reasonable number of business days.

  9. Notification of Personal Information Modification or Withdrawal

    Aside from public announcements, Fubon subsidiaries may also notify customers in writing or by email that their personal information being used in cross-selling activities has been changed or modified or is no longer being used for that purpose.

  10. Fubon Subsidiaries that May Share Customer Information in Cross-selling with Other Subsidiaries as Follows:
    • Taipei Fubon Bank Co., Ltd.
    • Fubon Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
    • Fubon Insurance Co., Ltd.
    • Fubon Securities Co., Ltd.
    • Fubon Asset Management Co., Ltd.
    • Fubon Futures Co., Ltd.
    • Fubon Insurance Agency Co., Ltd.
    • Fu Sheng Insurance Agency Co., Ltd.
  11. Complaint methods for leakage of customer information:

    If there is any doubt about the leakage of customer information, you can through the customer service mailbox or call the customer service center of Fubon subsidiary. Fubon subsidiaries will find out and notify the customer as soon as possible.

These confidentiality measures were last updated on May 4, 2021. Fubon Financial Holdings will make adjustments to these measures as necessary in the future in response to social, environmental and regulatory changes and technological advances.